City College of San Francisco Judo Club

Belt Promotion

‚ÄčYonkyu: 4th Degree Green BeltSankyu: 3rd Degree Brown BeltNikyu: 2nd Degree Brown BeltIkkyu: 1st Degree Brown BeltShodan: 1st Degree Black Belt

Shodan: 1st Degree Black Belt


  • Be of good character
  • Guide and assist lower rank students for the betterment of Judo
  • Search for ways to improve yourself both mentally and physically.
  • Pass all the knowledge and demonstration requirements of all previous rank exams
  • Assistant Tournament Director: CCSF Invitational Judo Tournament
  • 3 months Referee Experience
  • 6 months Teaching Experience
  • Ukemi Proper shisei (posture) and taido(attitude)
  • Pass all the knowledge and demonstration requirements of all previous rank exams.


List and demonstrate the 5 throws of the 1st Kyo and 2nd Kyo of the Go-Kyo No Waza



    • De-Ashi-barai
    • Hiza-guruma
    • Sasae Tsuri Komi Ashi
    • Uki goshi
    • O soto gari
    • O goshi
    • O uchi gari
    • Seoi nage: Ippon/Morote


    • Ko soto gari
    • Ko uchi gari
    • Koshi guruma
    • Tsuri komi goshi
    • Okuri ashi harai
    • Tai otoshi
    • Harai goshi
    • Uchi mata


    • Ko soto gake
    • Tsuri goshi
    • Yoko otoshi
    • Ashi guruma
    • Hane goshi
    • Harai tsuri komi ashi
    • Tomoe nage
    • Kata guruma


Shodan requires 2 combinations in 1 & 2 Kyo


Osae Waza-Holding Techniques

  • Demonstrate technique and escapes for each
  • Kesa Gatame
  • Kami shiho Gatame
  • Yoko Shiho Gatame
  • Kuzuri kami shiho gatame
  • Kata gatame
  • Tate shiho gatame


Demonstrate 2 methods for each

  • Entering through legs when opponent is on back
  • Turning techniques when opponent is on knees and elbows



  • Name-juji-jime
  • Okuri-eri-jime
  • Gyaku juji jime
  • Hadaka jime
  • Kataha jime



  • Ude hishigi juji gatame
  • Ude-garami


Kata Demostration / Kata Certificate

  • Nage-no-kata (3 sets)