Beg. Judo (Beg Judo Syllabus)

DESCRIPTION OF COURSE An introduction to Kodokan judo, an Olympic sport, focusing on fundamental judo techniques, skills and physical fitness. An examination of judo's development, philosophy, etiquette and principles with active participation within this setting.

Major Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:
  1. Interpret and identify fundamental knowledge of judo etiquette, hygiene, history and safety.
  2. Assemble and construct basic throwing, holding and submission holds in judo.
  3. Assemble and demonstrate elements of a judo tournament.

    Tachi‑Waza (Throwing Technique)

    O-Soto‑Gari    (Big outside reap)
    Ko‑Soto‑Gari  (Small outside reap)
    Ashi-barai        (Foot sweep)
    Harai-goshi (Lifting pull throw)
    Koshi Guruma (Hip throw)
    Osae‑Waza (Grappling Techniques)
    Kesa‑Gatame   (Regular scarf hold)
    Kami‑Shiho‑Gatame     (Upper four direction hold)
    Kuzure Yoko-Shiho-Gatame  (Modified side hold)
    Shime‑Waza (Submission Techniques)
    Okuri‑Eri‑Jime  (collar strangle)
    Kata‑Ha‑Jime  (single wing strangle)
    Gyaku‑Juji‑Jime (reversed cross strangle)
    Tournament Management
    Elements of a Judo Tournament
    Methods of Scoring and Timekeeping in a Judo Tournament
    Tournament Elimination Systems: Pool Sheet


  • Judo‑gi: Approximate cost $74‑$80 (depending on size).  The Physical Education Judo Classes will make a bulk purchase of Judo-gi's.  You may purchase the judo-gi's from your instructor.  The prices quoted are the wholesale price.  Used judogi's are usually $45 per set.                  
  • Participation in the CCSF Invitational Judo Tournament
    • Competitor, and/or Scorekeeper/Timer/Pool Recorder

 Performance and In-Class Participation 60%

  • Instructor observation of the of the student's performance of techniques in Nage (throwing) and Osae Waza (grappling). (Skills Test)
  •  Participation in in-class activities such as class discussions on judo history, philosophy, styles and current trends.
 Written Test 40%
  • Identifying techniques
  • Tournament Management: Pool Recording (Elimination System)
  • Referee’s Hand Signals
  • Scoring a Judo Match
Make-up classes will only be acceptable in other Judo Classes or by arrangement with Instructor.