City College of San Francisco Judo Club

Elimination System

 After all contestants have registered, the tournament officials will set up the draw.

 Elimination systems are either “Pools” or “Double Elimination”.

Contestants are separated by Sex, Age, Weight and Rank.  The “Pool” system tries to keep a 10 lb. spread between the lightest and heaviest person.  Details of the division breakdown are usually describe in the tournament entryform.

“Pool” elimination systems are set as;

  • 3 person
  • 4 person
  • 5 person
  • 6 person
  • 7 person
  • 8 person groups

3 to 6 person pool sheets are of a round robin format.  7 and 8 person pool sheets guarantee the contestant to have a maximum of 4 matches.

“Double Elimination” system gives each contestant at least two matches.

 When the tournament begins, an official will announce the names of the people fighting in a division. Since there is often more than one fighting area, you will be directed to the mat area where your division will be competing. A worker at the mat area will identify the next two contestants. One will be given a blue belt (worn around the waist) and/or be asked to wear a blue judogi, the other opponent will wear a “white obi”.