City College of San Francisco Judo Club

Elements of a Throw


  • Element #1: Kuzushi (Breaking the balance)
    • The breaking of your opponents balance is crucial to the success of your throw, especially if you are smaller than your opponent. Breaking your opponents balance will ensure they are in a weaker position and they are vulnerable to being attacked.


  • Element #2: Tsukuri (entry)
    • This is the throw entry. With some throws you may have to do a 180 degree spin (Mae Mawari sabaki) while others require not rotation at all.
    • The entry is another crucial element to the throw and it must be precise or the throw can fail.
    • A common problem people have in the Tsukuri is not bending their knees enough or not having enough core strength to stay strong in the position.


  • Element #3: Kake (the throw)
    • The Kake is the actual throw itself.