City College of San Francisco Judo Club

Judo Practice


Judo practice has many rules of etiquette, manners, and ethics. Above all, judo students learn important values of respect, respect for their instructors, or sensei; their partners, both senior and junior to them; the officials and referees of judo; the families and friends of judo classmates; and above all, themselves.


Each dojo has its own code of conduct, spelling out the dos and don'ts of behavior. Judo students learn to be attentive, and develop a good work ethic that they can carry with them into others parts of their lives. Judo students learn modesty and fairplay.  Values related to sincerity, courage, and commitment are fostered through the brutally honest actions of attack and defense.


Judo students learn to persevere in a physically and mentally demanding training that fosters emotional control and diligence. Judo students greet one another with respect and courtesy.  In short, judo students learn much of the social etiquette necessary to become solid citizens of the world.